Monday, October 27, 2008

Bay Area Bloggersnacker

I went to the JRCLS fireside last night, presented by Kaimi. It was a logical discussion of In re Marriage Cases that was free of the emotionalism and vitrol so common on the topic. I found the presentation to be fair and balanced in addition to being educational. After the fireside, the attendees had pie for dessert. I had a chance to meet Kaimi and cchrissyy. There may have been other bloggers there, but I didn't meet any. I don't know if anything went on after pie because I jetted out early due to the longish drive back home. Plus, I'm fairly shy. If I'm doing public speaking, talking in a class or business setting, or among people I know well, you can't get me to stop talking. However, if you get me in a situation where I'm among people I don't know, and where I have to mingle, I freeze like a deer in the headlights.

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DMI Dave said...

I'm sure it was an interesting presentation by Kaimi. That JRCLS group is a great way to make some contacts -- good for you for getting out to the program. The one I'm familiar with in Orange County was very friendly toward law students who attend.