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Comment Policy for The Posts of My House:
  • Comments are welcome. In fact, I love them.
  • No profanity. I may excuse some coarse language in an otherwise insightful comment, but I have no tolerance for the f-word. Any comment containing that word will be deleted even if the rest of it is brilliant. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to edit comments, only delete them.
  • You are free to disagree with me or with other commenters, but no personal attacks. Saying "Poster X is wrong about issue Y because..." is fine. Saying "Poster X is stupid/apostate/going to hell/etc." is not fine.
  • This blog comes from a faithful perspective, meaning that I am operating under the worldview that God exists and that the gospel was restored in the latter days. Thoughtful critiques of church practices, policies, and doctrines are acceptable, but drive-by comments that contain nothing more than an assertion that God doesn't exist or that the church is false will be deleted as the spam/troll bait that they are.
  • I try to respond to commenters, but sometimes that's not possible due to whatever else is going on in life. Please don't take it personally; I'm not ignoring you.