Saturday, May 23, 2009

Around the Bloggernacle - Volume 8

I just finished finals. I'm free! (Well, I suppose free is a relative term. I have a week to do my law review casenote and then I start summer school.)

Here's a list of interesting Bloggernacle posts lately:

Over at the Millennial Star, Tanya Spackman tries to debunk the myth that Utah drivers are bad. Apparently the Californians are to blame. (I'm a Californian, and I'm a perfectly fine driver, thankyouverymuch...)

Bookslinger has some tips on how to offer the Book of Mormon to other people.

On the lighter side, The 9th Ward has a comic explaining the Liahona.

Finally, here's an honorable mention. While it's not a Bloggernacle blog, there's a great post over at Everyday Narcissism about the cervical cancer vaccine and the law of chastity.