Monday, October 1, 2007

The Marathon Weekend

This past weekend was a marathon. I re-took the LSAT, and I participated in the Bloggernacle Marathon Relay Race.

The LSAT wasn't that bad the second time around. I felt better prepared, and I arrived in plenty of time to avoid the stress of potential tardiness. Of course, they say that getting there is half the fun. I had to travel from Fremont, CA to Fresno, CA. For you non-Californians, here's the lowdown. Yes, they're both in the same state. They even start with the same letter and have the same number of syllables. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how well you like Fresno, with its smell of agriculture) they're nowhere near one another. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get there (liberally interpreting the speed limit), and 3 to get home. Fortunately, I had my iPod, and I listened to the New Testament. (Not the whole thing, but I knocked out a good chunk of it.) I ended up putting over 300 miles on my car, and using a whole tank of gas. I feel really good about the test, though. I should get my results in a few weeks.

I'm really out of shape, but I did my best to help out team M* in the Bloggernacle Relay. As of the writing of this post, we're in the lead, but a few teams haven't reported in yet. I normally don't like to run, but being part of a team made it fun. I told my family that I was training for a race, and naturally, they wanted to know more about it. They don't know about my participation in the Bloggernacle, so I just told them that some of the blogs I read were sponsoring a race. It felt all subversive. Gotta get my rebellion in somewhere. At least I'm sticking to mostly harmless pursuits. After all, it's not like I'm running for BCC. ;-)

After running one of the legs of the race, I decided I needed to have the afternoon snack of champions. I took a still life photo of what I ate to refuel.Not the healthiest option, but Boo Berry cereal brought back nostalgia from my childhood. I bought it on impulse from the grocery store.

In all, though it was an exhausting weekend, I enjoyed it.

Note: The dig at By Common Consent (BCC) was meant in jest. It's a common Bloggernacle passtime to poke fun at BCC. It's actually one of my favorite blogs, and I'll explain why in an upcoming post.