Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Bloggernacle Relay

I must repent of not posting. I've decided to write about the other blogs I read, and what I like about them. Each day for the next week, I'll highlight a few blogs. Today, I'll start with two: Times and Seasons, and The Millennial Star.

Times and Seasons bills itself as "Quite possibly the most humble, yet enigmatic, onymous Mormon group blog in history." Of course, if you refresh the page, you might get something like, "Quite possibly the most irrational, yet chiastic, onymous Mormon group blog in history." or "Quite possibly the most black-and-white, yet commented upon, onymous Mormon group blog in history."
I enjoy the blog because it has a large group of intelligent and thoughtful bloggers. The permabloggers cover a wide range of opinions, so it generates some good discussion. I feel smarter by osmosis after reading.

The Millennial Star is another thoughtful blog. It's a bit smaller, which makes it nice. Comments don't tend to get lost in the discussion. They're fielding a team in the Bloggernacle Relay Race, and I'll be running with them. You can, too. Click here to see how.

Cheers. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

1 comment:

Stephen said...

I have to admit that I like the random descriptions of Times and Seasons. Brings a smile.

Hope things work out with your career and education, detours and all.