Monday, June 4, 2012

Bar Exam Blues

I failed the bar exam. Again.

When I took the bar in February, I told myself that it was the last bar exam I would take, and if I failed, then so what. It's not like I really need to be a member of the bar to be a law professor or HR professional.

But, just like Marty McFly can't stand the thought of being called "chicken", I can't stand the thought of quitting at something. So, against my better judgment, I'll be taking the bar exam in July. Third time's a charm!

I've identified what went wrong the last two times, and I'm working to fix it by changing my study plan. I'm out of my toxic former job and into a new one, so I have renewed emotional energy. Unfortunately, my health problems have flared up again, sapping my physical energy.

I have friends to study with this time around, which is helping. (I graduated a year ahead of my friends, so they're all studying for their first try. I get to be the wise trail-weary guide on this journey of the blind leading the blind.) It was really hard to study alone the last two times.

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john willis said...

Sorry to hear the news. I admire you for not giving up.

It sounds to me like California is dennying istself good legal talent.

Godd luck again