Monday, July 20, 2009

Surfacing for Air

I've been drowning in work and summer school, but I'm still mostly alive over here. If someone you love is planning on working 75 hours per week while taking 6 units of summer school, please attempt to dissuade him or her. I'm running on adrenaline and inertia right now. I have a final in Constitutional Law on Thursday night, and a final in Legal Ethics on Saturday morning. Then I have three weeks off before I go back to school.

I'm making some changes for the better. I'm quitting my second job, cutting back to part-time on my main job, and I'm switching into the full-time division at school. I've made it onto one of the law journals, and I'm going to get more involved in on-campus activities and clubs. I'm going to go back to institute and I'm going to try to revive my stagnant social life.

Yesterday in Relief Society, someone in my ward made a comment that really resonated with me. She told the story of three stone-cutters back a long time ago who were at a quarry cutting stone for a cathedral. Someone asked the first man what he was doing, and he replied, "I'm cutting stone." The second man was asked the same question, and he said, "I'm working with Christopher Wren to build a cathedral." The third man was asked the same question and he answered, "I'm building a house for my God."

I think I've been metaphorically cutting stone this past year, when I really need to be building a house for my God. I know that God has done many miracles to get me where I am today, and I know that He has called me into the legal profession. I need to find a way to make this a holy and spiritual endeavor. I love the motto of the Jesuits, "Ad maiorem Dei gloriam" (for the greater glory of God). As I was walking past the building where my classes are held, I stopped to notice the inscription. It listed the architect, the year it was dedicated, and the letters AMDG. If the building I study in is dedicated to God's glory, then I should remember to dedicate my studies to His glory.


Unknown said...

Congrats on surviving and having a successful year academically. And don't underestimate the value of survival, which is a prerequisite for long-term success (or for long-term anything).

Peter R. said...

Most attorneys will agree that just making it through your first year with your sanity intact is no small achievement. Congrats on making law review!